Internship Program

Joining Covenant Metabolic Specialists as an intern is an unparalleled opportunity to dive into a world of medical expertise and hands-on learning. Here, interns work closely with respected professionals like Dr. Guy Neff, a renowned fellow in hepatology who leads our clinical research team. With a combined experience of over 200 years, our clinical team offers invaluable mentorship and guidance, exposing interns to direct patient care, practical training, and the importance of clinical research. At Covenant, our goal for every intern is to provide them with the skills and knowledge that will truly distinguish them on their academic and professional journey.

Anna Nguyen , BS
Research Assistant Intern

Anna has been a valued member of the Covenant team since August 10, 2020, where she has made significant contributions as a dedicated team member. Throughout her time here, Anna has leveraged her experiences to prepare herself for the next stage of her journey. We’re thrilled to share that she has been accepted into Nova Medical School, a testament to her hard work and the skills she has developed during her tenure with us.

Being a research assistant intern at Covenant Metabolic Specialists has provided me with the opportunity to gain direct patient care experience while mastering skills to advance my professional development. Learning and exploring the scope of clinical research further helped solidify my career goals in medicine. Being well-versed in clinical research sets me apart among numerous medical school applicants and helped secure my acceptance to medical school.

Nicolette Kulcsar, BS
Research Assistant Intern

Nikki has been an essential part of the Covenant team since November 29, 2021, serving as a dedicated Research Assistant. Her commitment and hard work have been evident from day one. Not only has she completed her undergraduate studies during her time here, but she is also now pursuing her dream of attending medical school at LECOM. Nikki’s journey truly reflects the spirit of growth and achievement that we value in our internship program at Covenant.

My time as a research assistant intern at Covenant Metabolic Specialists has been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals. What started as a need for direct patient care hours developed into a passion for wanting to understand the world of research. I have been trained in the various techniques required to carry out our research and have developed a better understanding of the comprehensive nature of our patient care. With the full support of our team, I have been encouraged along every step of my journey in applying and now being accepted to LECOM. Thank you, Covenant Metabolic Specialists!