…I started my journey with fatty liver in 2018. My doctor sent me for a FibroScan which I had never heard of but I went anyway. My test results came back that I had fatty liver, this was new to me. This is when Dr. Neff and his staff came into my life I was asked if I would be interested in doing a drug study to help find a treatment for fatty liver. I was a professional firefighter for 25 years and helping people is what I did, that’s what we do. Once I was told that my participation in a study could help me and others in the future, I was all in. I’ve done a few drug studies since 2018 and I’ve never met a doctor with more passion for what he does than Dr. Neff, and that passion shows in the team. They really care about you and your health. Over 3 years I’ve worked with a lot of people that work at Covenant and every one of them has been wonderful to me. They make you feel like you’re in good hands because they explain everything, there’s no secrets, everything is above board. If you think you might have fatty liver, because there is no symptoms, a quick FibroScan test will give you results right away. You can start your journey with fatty liver and hopefully meet up with Dr. Neff and his crew. And with that I’d like to thank Dr. Neff and all the wonderful people that work here at Covenant Research. Thank you.

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